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The Haas FinTech Club was founded in 2016 and currently supports more than 150 members. It is one of the fastest-growing clubs in Berkeley-Haas history with 250+ event attendees attracting students from across UC Berkeley. The club aims to prepare students for careers in FinTech through education, treks, and other programs.



Ashley Lannquist

Ashley Lannquist (co-founder)

Ashley Lannquist is Co-Founder and Co-President of the Haas FinTech Club. She spent 6 years in the investment consulting industry, and she most recently interned at a FinTech-focused VC fund. Ashley is a member of the board of directors of a non-profit supporting women in STEM called The Scientista Foundation, and an advisor to the global ethical fashion brand Citizen's Mark. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, tasting wine and whiskey, and thinking up the next great FinTech Club event.

Email: ashley_lannquist@mba.berkeley.edu

Ashley and Caitlyn

Caitlyn Driehorst

Caitlyn Driehorst is the Co-President of FinTech Club. Before coming to Haas, she worked for Accion Venture Lab, an impact investing fund focused on financial inclusion; for MGM Resorts International, one of the world’s largest casino-resort companies; and for the Boston Consulting Group. She graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with degrees in Russian Literature and English Literature, as well as additional completed coursework at the Booth Graduate School of Business.

Email: caitlyn_driehorst@berkeley.edu


Blakey Larsen

Blakey Larsen is one of the co-president in the FinTech Club with a focus on emerging technologies relevant to FinTech, like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Her passion for FinTech started when she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa and lived through the explosion of cellphones, mobile banking and P2P payments which improved individuals lives from increased access and ownership of their own finances. She is interested in new technologies that are rebuilding the financial sector and increasing financial inclusion. Prior to Haas, Blakey studied Linguistics and Computer Science at McGill University in Montreal and worked for Accenture as a Management Consultant in San Francisco.

Email: blakey_larsen@mba.berkeley.edu




Edouard Ruffier d'Epenoux

Edouard Ruffier d’Epenoux  is the VP Academics of FinTech Club. Before coming to Haas, he  co-founded an asset management firm in Paris, focused on financing Public Infrastructure Projects more efficiently and cheaply, a strategic issue in the aftermath of 2008-financial crisis. He holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a FinTech enthusiast, he will intern for Visa over the summer 2017.

Email: e_ruffierdepenoux@berkeley.edu


Lauren Elstein.jpg


Lauren Elstein


Email: lauren.elstein@berkeley.edu




Varun Kallepalli

Varun Kallepalli is VP Academics in the FinTech Club. Prior to Haas, he has worked at Wells Fargo in San Francisco and Commonwealth Bank in Australia as a Product Manager. He has worked on various payments and consumer lending products and has experience with building enterprise software and fintech products. He is passionate about using FinTech to democratize finance in emerging markets by ensuring access to financial services and products to the underbanked. Prior to Haas, he graduated from the University of South Australia with a degree in Computer Science.

Email: varun.kallepalli@berkeley.edu




Sera Lee

Sera Lee is the VP EWMBA of FinTech Club. Currently, Sera works for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as a bank examiner providing an oversight of operational risk management programs at large banks.  At the Federal Reserve, she is also a RegTech lead for its newly created FinTech Roundtable responsible for researching and communicating trends in the FinTech industry as well as the use of financial technology in risk and compliance management.  Previously Sera worked for Bank of America and studied Business Economics with minors in accounting and public policy at UCLA.  

Email: sera_lee@berkeley.edu



VP Communications

Jamie Moon

Jamie Moon is the VP Communications of FinTech Club. Jamie spent past nine years in consulting industry at Accenture and EY advising top global and US banks in optimizing their processes through strategic initiatives and technology improvements. Jamie is actively pursuing ways to impact FinTech in the automotive industry. Jamie enjoys drinking whiskey neat, especially Japanese whiskeys, and traveling all over the world. 

Email: jamie.moon@berkeley.edu




Matt Mueller, MBA '17    LinkedIn

Matt Mueller, MBA '17

Ricky Tan, MBA '17  LinkedIn

Ricky Tan, MBA '17

Leah Staub-DeLong, MBA '17  LinkedIn

Leah Staub-DeLong,
MBA '17

Scarlett Li, MBA '17  LinkedIn

Scarlett Li, MBA '17